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TC Cameron

TC Cameron

T.C. Cameron is a national freelance writer and referee from Detroit. T.C. is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA), the Collegiate Baseball Umpires Alliance (CBUA), and the Michigan Collegiate Football Officials’ Association (MCFOA). T.C.’s professional writing and officiating portfolios can be found at You’re encouraged to contact T.C at

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Place of Birth

Royal Oak, Michigan....a quiet, two-high school city two miles north of the Detroit city limits.....former home of Jack Kevorkian (before jail) as well as RO Kimball Hs, the only HS in Michigan to appear in the Michigan HS baseball championship game three


Wife Deborah, Kyle (10), Jake (6), Brooklyn (4 week-old daughter)


BS Journalism/Political Science Eastern Michigan University

Officiating Highlight

The time I had with my mother, father and grandparents and the time I still have with my wife and kids.


Ford's fabulous Mustangs from 1964-1969 and from 1994-present. Water-skier, camping enthusiast, East-coast travel aficionado.


Be coachable; accept your mistakes and learn from them.

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