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Blaine Gallant

Blaine Gallant
Blaine Gallant has officiated baseball for the past 22 years. During that time, he served as Chairman, Training Chair, UIC and many other duties for the Baseball Nova Scotia Umpires Division ( Currently, Blaine is still actively umpiring at the local, provincial and national level and continues to serve as the rules interpretor for Baseball Nova Scotia (  You may reach Blaine at

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Place of Birth

Halifax, NS


Married, 2 children


Dalhousie University, Kinesiology; VG Hospital, Nursing; St. Lawrence College, Occupational Health Nursing

Officiating Experience

22 years baseball, 10 years basketball, 9 years hockey, 5 years softball

Officiating Highlight

10 National Championships in baseball


sports- any sport!


Take pride in your appearance. Look like an official. The first time a coach sees you, he will make a judgment on how you look.

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