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Trish Hillman

Trish Hillman
Contributing writer Trish Hillman is entering her fourth year of umpiring and getting ready for her third season of high school baseball. She enjoys reading about umpiring history and would like to be involved in umpire education eventually. She writes: "Papa C likes me best." You can reach Trish at

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Place of Birth

Raised in Bay City, TX


One husband, David: married 28 years
One son, Adam: married to Katka, living in El Campo
Daughter: Heather, married to Jason, living in Jacksonville, Florida
Daughter: Rachael, married to Brent; has one son, Wesley, living in El Campo


One year at Victoria College studying music and biology
Two and a half years at Wharton County Jr College: major in Medical Laboratory
Technology in 1992

Officiating Experience

Began umpiring in 1999, LL, then HS the following two years. Also some
softball. No umpiring this year so far.

Officiating Highlight

Only when I use Miss Clairol


Who has time for those?


Shut up and learn!

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