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Sione Ake Mokofisi

Sione Ake Mokofisi
Sione Ake Mokofisi is serving his second term as president of the Utah Rugby Football Union, and an active member of the Utah Rugby Referee Society. He lives in Salt Lake City and works in the travel industry, but aspires to improve his free-lance writing/photojournalism work into a fulltime career. You may reach Sione at

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Place of Birth

Kingdom of Tonga


Mother of children: Sherri;
Four sons - Brandon, Jared, Ali'i, Che


B.S. Electronics communications;
2-Year DIPLOMA - Travel Industry Management

Officiating Experience

U.S.A. Rugby Level II certified referee; Level I certified coach.

Officiating Highlight

Accomplished organizing Utah Rugby Union and Utah Rugby Referee Society; coached championship collegiate men's club team in Alaska Rugby Union; currently coaches both women's and men's teams to learn the fundamental skills to play rugby.


Rugby refereeing and coaching.


Physical fitness is key; training and stayinging current with changes build confidence.

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