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Joe Nickell

Joe Nickell
Dr. Joe Nickell is retired after 36 years in education, the last 12 as Director of Technology in the Deer Park, Texas, Independent School District.  He lives in Deer Park with wife Pat.  He has officiated football for 38 years; basketball, for 39.  His officiating career includes five state football championship games and many years of college experience in both football and basketball.  You may reach Joe at

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Place of Birth

Caddo, Texas


Pat - Wife
Kyle - Son
Kent - Son
Derek - Grandson
Emily - Granddaughter


BS - Texas Tech Univ.
MS - University of Houston
EdD - Texas A&M University

Officiating Experience

Football - 38 years
Basketball - 39 years

Officiating Highlight

5 state football championship games
All-Star Games in both football and basketball.
College experience in both sports


Officiating and playing with grandkids.


Maintain a positive attitude, observe the veterans and be grateful for their assistance; and always give your best effort no matter what.

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