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Jim Porter

Jim Porter

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Place of Birth

Warwick, RI


Loving mom, dad, brother, and significant other. The loves of his life also include his adorable neice and nephew


Trinity Rep Conservatory Graduate

Officiating Experience

22 years umpiring all levels of amateur baseball.

Little League umpire for all 22 of those years.

Now working MSBL, RI Amateur League, RI Independent League, Summer College Ball, and High School.

Officiating Highlight

District Tournaments - 1985 through 2002, State Finals - 1988 Senior League, State Finals - 1990 Senior Big League, State Finals - 1995 Junior League, State Tournament - 1999 Junior League, State Tournament, 2001 Junior League, State Tournament - 2002 Senior League, Sectional Tournament, 1999 Senior Big League, MSBL wooden bat tournaments featuring past stars of the game such as Bill 'Spaceman" Lee, "Soup" Campbell, and Bernie Carbo. District Administrator for Little League District 3 Rhode Island. Vice President, Head of Training and Development, and Rules Interpreter for the Washington County Umpires' Association.


Video sports simulations, backpacking, golf


Keep your trap shut until you know enough to know why you're keeping your trap shut.

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