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Joe Flanigan

Joe Flanigan
Joe Flanigan is a USA National Volleyball Official. He has over 20 years of officiating high school and college volleyball. In his early years he worked baseball, basketball, and softball. Now he works only volleyball. You may reach Joe at

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Place of Birth

Colorado Springs, CO


1 daughter and 3 sons


AA Degree from Crowley’s Ridge College, Paragould, Ark.

Officiating Experience

30 years

Officiating Highlight

5 times USA Volleyball Gold Finals: 3 Times Missouri State Championship Girls; 10 times Missouri State Championship Boys; 4 ASA National Championships Fast Pitch Softball Girls; Inducted in ASA Umpires HOF; Several College Conference Championships Volleyball Women and Men


playing chess; coaching volleyball; fantasy football; watching t v


Don’t shy away from talking to coaches. In volleyball, don’t fall in love with the line-up card.

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