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John Neeley

John Neeley
John Neeley is one of those individuals aptly called a renaissance man. An Air Force brat, he grew up all over the world, tagging along after his father, Colonel Bob. Today, he coaches tennis and teaches history for the Sharyland school district in Mission, TX, and is an on-air radio personality for "The Q," 94.5, McAllen, TX. In between jobs he's swimming in his new pool with his beautiful wife and five children and writing articles for us. Contact him at

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Place of Birth

Washington, D.C.


5 children


Ediburg High School
Pan-American University
Grad work at University of Alaska at Fairbanks

Officiating Experience

12 years as a coach

Officiating Highlight

His teams (boys and girls, 7th and 8th grade) have won 12 conference championships in a row, a Texas state record.


swimming, basketball (as a player), tennis

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