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Matthew Young

Matthew Young
The Reverend S. Matthew Young, 35, serves as Vicar of St. Paulís Episcopal Church, Newport, KY. He began officiating high school varsity football at the age of 19 and continues as a referee not only in the Northern Kentucky Officials Association but also in the Mid-South Conference, NAIA. He can be reached at

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Place of Birth

Covington, KY




BA, Wittenberg University; M.Div. Trinity Seminary

Officiating Experience

16 years high school, current referee, Northern Kentucky Officials Association, current Director of Training for same, current referee Mid-South Conference, NAIA

Officiating Highlight

1999 4A final, 1999 KHSAA Official of the Year Nominee


reading history, raising German Shepherds


Strive for perfection because that will most always separate you from the majority of other officials.

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