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T Alan Christensen

T Alan Christensen
T Alan Christensen has been called, among other things, conceited, arrogant, brash, condescending, the arch enemy of Little League baseball, and the most dangerous umpire on the internet.  He admits to all of those and more.  He has 36 years of umpire experience from high school through Major League intersquad games, and he is currently the Rules Instructor for advanced umpire classes in Portland, OR. He can be contacted at

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Place of Birth

Salem, OR


B.S. plus M.A.'s

Officiating Experience

36 Years

Officiating Highlight

Oregon State High School Championships, NORPAC College Championships, Seattle Mariners Intersquad Games


Abstract Expressionist painter & Shogetsu Igebana


Timing, Timing, Timing.

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