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Greg Reed

Greg Reed
Greg Reed hopes to be back into sales in the NorthWest area soon. He is a USSF Grade 7, living in Auburn,WA, and enjoys calling high school games. He can also be found running lines for his kids, Parker and Brooke. He enjoys helping and training younger referees and can be reached at

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Place of Birth

Midland, TX


Wife, Melinda, children Parker and Brooke


3 years of college, lots of OJT

Officiating Experience

I have been back in ref'n for 4 years after a long absence. I have coached up to high school, may still do that, hold E license. Played through college.
Highlights: District HS playoff for girls this past season. Headed-up a soccer camp past summer for 60 community kids at our Church.


Bar-B-Qing, mostly brisket and Babyback Ribs, hard to get good southern barbque in NW


Learn your management skills as quickly as you learn the "Laws", as a younger ref you will be respected much quicker. That way, when you need to apply them (Laws) you can deal with reactions much more effectively.

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