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Robert Daniell

Robert Daniell
Bob Daniell is a generalist of many talents:  a seasoned husband, dad, and businessman.  Within the sport of Lacrosse, Bob has been a player, a coach, a founder of one of the largest youth lacrosse leagues in N.J., a field manager for the delivery of Soft Lacrosse to 1st-4th graders, a charter owner of the MLL's New Jersey Pride, and an active N.J. certified Lacrosse Official

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Place of Birth

Astoria, N.Y.


Wife: Olive-Ann; children: Alison, Jordan, Matthew


BS Business Management; Coursework: MBA Information Technology Management


Water Pond Gardening, Walking with wife


ALIGN with a good mentor; KNOW the game; ANTICIPATE play; MONITOR intensity; BE THERE when it happens.

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