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Dennis Cirillo

Dennis Cirillo
Dennis Cirillo is a retired NYPD Lieutenant who has been wearing the striped shirt since 1998. He officiates basketball and football, working both sports at the varsity level. He welcomes your comments and insights and can be reached at


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Place of Birth

Bronx, New York


I have been married to my wife Rosemarie, since 1977. We have three children, all girls. We also have a grandson who was born in November 2004. His name is Dylan, and he is a joy!


I regret not finishing college. When I was a rookie cop I decided to return to college. I attended John Jay University in New York City. I decided not to enroll one semester due to an upcoming promotion exam. Unfortunately I never returned and decided instead to concentrate on moving up in rank.

Officiating Experience

I started officiating boys' basketball in 1998 by joining IAABO (International Association of Approved Basketball Officials). I attended a few camps and worked myself up to the varsity level in 2003. In 2000, I joined the Long Island Association of Football Officials (LIAFO). In 2004, I moved up to the varsity level. In 2001, I joined the Nassau Board of Women's Basketball Officials Association.


In addition to officiating, I enjoy power boating and flying. I am currently a student pilot. Hopefully, I'll be licensed as a private pilot sometime during the summer of 2005.


Become involved in your Association. Get out and watch as many officials work games as possible. Work as many games as you can and try to have an experienced official mentor you. Good luck!

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