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Rich Ives

Rich Ives
Rich Ives has been managing/coaching in the Owego NY Little League since 1974 and has been a member of the Board of Directors since 1978. Tiring of hearing and participating in arguments over rules, he has spent several years digging deeper into them -- and is the league rules interpreter.

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Place of Birth

Candor, NY


Wife Sherry; Son Brian


BS, Industrial Management, Clarkson University

Officiating Experience

Been a Little League Manager/Coach since 1974 - Board Member since 1978 in the Owego (NY) Little League. Umpired a bit in the league in my earlier days.

Officiating Highlight

Watching former players grow. Having a former player coaching his kid with me. Waiting for one former player to either make "the show" or get traded to a team that has its minor league affiliate near us.


Skiing (when the knees permit) and going to Brian's (born 1993) ski races. Coaching Brian's Odyssey of the Mind teams. Puttering around the house and the LL park.


Keep learning. There are a lot of resources out there. Buy the books. Go to the training. TALK TO OTHER OFFICIALS. Take your time when visiting on-line sites and learn who probably has the correct answers.

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