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David Emerling

David Emerling

David Emerling pitched for the United States Naval Academy in the mid-70's. But since then, he's found his true calling in baseball. He's been umpiring for nearly a decade, mostly in the St. Louis and Memphis areas.  Currently, his primary focus is on umpire instruction and participation on the Rules Committee for the local organizations.  He has called games all the way from fastpitch softball up to college baseball, but most of his experience is at the high school varsity level.  Email David at

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Place of Birth

St. Louis, Missouri


Married, 4 children. Surprise pregnancy included identical twin boys.


B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD

Officiating Experience

8 years umpiring mostly varsity high school and competitive summer leagues. Instruct and train new umpires. I am a member of the local Rules Committee for resolving protests and rule issues. I have attended a clinic held by MLB umpire, Andy Fletcher. I am an avid reader and researcher of the rules. I am also an umpire's worst nightmare come true I help coach both baseball and fastpitch softball teams. I pitched for the U.S. Naval Academy in the mid-70's.


Chess, coaching, spending too much time on my computer, and, of course, reading (and writing) about umpiring.


Don't fly by the seat of your pants and assume that the game participants could not possibly know the rules as well as you. Don't assume that if a sticky situation arises, you'll just make up what seems to be fair and reasonable and expect everybody to accept your ruling on the assumption that if you don't know the rule then they certainly won't. Don't hide behind the assumption that whether you're technically right or wrong - it will not matter because nobody will know the difference anyway. Beware! Although you will survive for a period of time, as you rise through the ranks, your Waterloo will come soon enough. There will come a time when you will blow it, you'll wing it, and somebody will know the difference. That will be the day when you are exposed as a fraud and will lose all your hard earned credibility. You'd be better off entering the Witness Protection Program. If nothing else know the rules!

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