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Kent Holm

Kent Holm

Kent Holm has a passion for high school football, is a relative newcomer to officiating, and enjoys it so much he wishes he had started years ago!  He welcomes your feedback on his viewpoints.  Write to him at

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Place of Birth

Broken Bow, NE


Wife Bobbi and 4 children


B.S. in Natural Resources Management (1981) and M.S. in Wildlife Biology (1984) - both from University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Officiating Experience

Began officiating in 2002. Have worked as LJ, HL, BJ, and U. Full-time as HL on varsity crew in 2003.

Officiating Highlight

Being offered a varsity crew position midway through my first season. The opportunity to work with a lot of great high school kids.


Cooking, and of course officiating (no, that would be my obsession!)


Evaluate your performance after every game and pick out one thing to improve on the next time out.

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