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Dave May

Dave May
Dave May emigrated to South Africa when he was ten. It was England's loss. He became an international ice hockey official while still an active player! You may reach Dave at

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Place of Birth

Nottingham, England




Incomplete university degree

Officiating Experience

Played in net for South Africa from 1988 - 1991 (ice). Played Inline for SA 1997 and 2002. Going to Germany to play IIHF world championships in July 2003. Referee for the first time in about 1978. Registered as referee with IIHF in 1992.

Officiating Highlight

Playing against Russian All-Stars in 1997. Officiating in Lithuania at IIHF world championship in 1996 (linesman), officiating at IIHF WC in Cape Town 2002 (linesman)




Believe in yourself and not the spectators!

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