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Walt Brower

Walt Brower
Princeton, New Jersey, is famous as the US home of Albert Einstein and current residence of our newest contributing writer for softball, Walt Brower. Walt  played college and semi-pro baseball in the 1960s and began umpiring semi-pro soon afterward. He played ASA softball for many years and in 1994 returned to umpiring. You may reach Walt at

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Place of Birth

New York City


Wife Elizabeth, son Charles, daughter Lucy


B.A. | Colby College

Officiating Experience

Semi-pro baseball in the early 1970s; retired from Fed baseball/softball this year; does ASA fast, slow, and modified.

Officiating Highlight

Captain of the Colby baseball team; All-Maine outfielder.


Chess, music


Keep cool, and no matter what happens, act as if itís a routine event youíve seen a thousand times before.

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