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Mark Webb

Mark Webb
Contributing writer Mark Webb has been umpiring baseball for 10 years and instructing Little League umpires for seven. He is Vice-President of the Cenla Umpires Association in Alexandria, La., which services over 25 local high schools. You may reach Mark at


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Place of Birth

Ft. Bragg, NC


Married to Lynn, 3 children


One year college - LSU

Officiating Experience

10-year baseball umpire, two in NFHS. Fall ball for three local colleges.

Officiating Highlight

10 & 12 year old state tournaments in Dixie and Little League. 5A LHSAA playoffs in 2002 as plate umpire in three man crew


Reading fiction and umpiring books/articles, watching ESPN, and helping kids


(1) Know the rules and how to apply them fairly (2) Find a mentor who wants to help you become a good official (3) Read everything you can about
officiating in your chosen sport(s)

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