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Timothy Ace Holleran

Timothy Ace Holleran
Ace Holleran has umpired for too many years and is settling into the sunset of his career as an Umpire Consultant to District 2 (CT) Little League. The author welcomes treacle, brimstone, and pointed comments at

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Place of Birth

Bridgeport, CT


Three offspring: Grace, 14, twins Dennis and Ellie, 12


BA Modern Language, Villanova (PA) University

Officiating Experience

Umpiring at every level from pee wee to codger

Officiating Highlight

6 Little League regional tourneys; all-time winner of Sale of the Century game show; won gold record playing drums for Bette Midler on Disney's For Our Children disc, dozens of apperaances as a stand-up logician


Drumming, linguine with white clam sauce, white-water watching, photography, memorizing Little Rascals dialogue.


A can of Kiwi works wonders.

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