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Carl Childress

Carl Childress

Carl Childress is the Editor-in-Chief of He's been writing professionally about amateur "hardball" umpiring for thirty-five years. The 2013 version of his unique Baseball Rule Differences, known as the BRD, is available at You may reach Carl at

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Place of Birth

Livingston, Texas


Wife Elizabeth Daughter Lezlie Grandchildren: Justin, Emily, Johnny, Carl, Catherine


Liberty High School B.S., Stephen F. Austin State University M.A., magna cum laude, Stephen F. Austin Doctoral work, Texas A&M University

Officiating Experience

Officiated all levels of baseball from T-Ball to Men's Adult Baseball from 1954 to 1996, when he retired. He returned in 2001 to become the Umpire-in-Chief for the Leagues associated with the Rising Star Baseball School, Mission, Texas.

Officiating Highlight

American Legion: Texas State Tournament; Mid-South Regional New York City High School All Star Game, 1991, calling the plate at Yankee Stadium Over 400 NCAA D1 games Two consecutive trips to the National Basball Congress World Series, Wichita, Ka Oldest playoff umpire ever selected by the coaches after having retired for five seasons


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Rules: Learn all the rules for every level you officiate. Mechanics: Consistent timing is the key to consistent umpiring, whether on the bases or behind the plate. Game control: Don't make trouble for yourself.

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