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Mike MacDonald

Mike MacDonald

Mike has been refereeing hockey for many years, after a long but unproductive "career" as a player! He worked his way to being a Level 4 official and officiated numerous Provincial and National level championships. Mike is former referee-in-chief for Halifax Minor Hockey Association, located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and currently serves as the Officiating Development Coordinator for Hockey Nova Scotia. Yes, he knows Blaine Gallant.

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Place of Birth

New Glasgow, Nova Scotia


wife, 2 daughters


University graduate

Officiating Experience

10 years of officiating, 5 years as Referee-in-Chief

Officiating Highlight

1997 Air Canada Cup (linesman), 1999 Canada Winter Games (referee)


golf, reading


Work hard at EVERY level of hockey, and carry yourself professionally and enthusiastically at all times.

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