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Bob Henning

Bob Henning
Bob Henning has been umpiring softball for more than 34 years and has umpired over 20 tournaments outside of North America. He is currently an active registered umpire with Softball Canada, the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, the International Softball Congress, and the International Softball Federation. He is an Instructor/ Clinician for Softball Canada and the ISF, and is known throughout the world for his motivational instruction, passion for the game, and his enthusiastic approach to softball officiating. You may reach him at

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Place of Birth

Corpus Christi, TX




El Camino College, Torrance, California

Officiating Experience

34 years, softball
2 years, baseball
9 years, football

Softball Canada National Umpire School Instructor, Fast Pitch Plate Mechanics presenter at all the Canadian National Umpire ĎBlue Conventionsí and an ISF (International Softball Federation) overseas clinician and instructor.

Officiating Highlight

ISF Junior Menís World Championship (New Zealand, 1993)

World Masterís Games (Australia, 1994)

International Softball Cup (Olympic Stadium, Australia, 2000)

Chinese National Games (Chungdu City, China, April 2001)

Chinese Olympics, (Guangzhou, China, November 2001)

Four Major Menís Canadian National Championships

ISC Menís World Championship, 2002

NAIA National Championship, 2002

Three International Challenge Cups

11 West Coast Classic Major Womenís FP Championships

All 9 Canada Cup International Womenís Fast Pitch Championships

13 other major tournaments outside North America.


Dog training, traveling, development of softball educational materials, and fishing


If you are going to be an official, why not be a good one? Find someone to be your personal mentor, to assist you through the first few years and to be your advisor over the next few years. Just like the athletes, always remember to utilize basic officiating fundamentals. Your career will be much more enjoyable, successful, and rewarding!

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