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Merle Butler

Merle Butler
Merle Butler is the national director of umpires for the Amateur Softball Assocation (ASA), and the director of umpries for the International Softball Federation. He can be contacted at

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Place of Birth

Edmond, Okllahoma


Wife - Debi
Children - Kathy
Suzie, and Jim
Grandchildren - 5


Dayton High School - Dayton, WA (1953)
Washington State University - Pullman, WA (1953-55)
San Jose State University - San Jose California (1957-1960)
BA - Recreation 1960
MS - Parks & Recreation Administration - 1972

Officiating Experience

42 years umpiring softball
41 years umpiring football
19 years umpiring baseball
22 years umpiring basketball

Officiating Highlight

1996 Olympics - Atlanta Softball Competition Umpire-In-Chief
2000 Olympics - Sydney Softball Competition Umpire-In-Chief 1977 & '80 Football H.S. Finals Sectional Playoffs - California
1985-'95-'99 Football H.S. Finals State Playoffs - Oklahoma


NFL Football


If in doubt, always ask what to do. No question is a dumb question. Even if you are not sure of a call, ask your training officer following the game so you won't make the same mistake twice if you were in error.

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