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Craig Bohnert

Craig Bohnert
The Assistant Executive Director for Communication for the National Soccer Coaches Association of America, Craig Bohnert is based in Mission, Kan. He holds USSF Level 7 certification and referees Kansas high school soccer. Two of his sons, Joshua and Chapin, also are referees. You may reach Craig at

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Place of Birth

Mission, Kansas


wife (Belinda), three sons (Joshua, 18; Chapin, 14; Garrett, 5), two daughters (Gretchen, 10; Annaliese, 8)


BS, journalism, University of Evansville (Ind.), 1981; MS, communications, Illinois State University, 1983

Officiating Experience

Officiating -- USSF certified since 1999, upgrading to Level 7 summer 2002; Kansas High School certified since 2001.

Officiating Highlight

Non-Officiating -- served as a press officer for the U.S. Olympic Committee at the 1992 and 1996 Olympic Games and the 1995 Pan American Games. Assistant Venue Press Chief for gymnastics and tennis, 1984 Olympic Games.


Reading, crosswords


Actively seek feedback from other officials about your performance, and follow their advice when you can.

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