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Tim Stevens

Tim Stevens
Contributing writer Tim Stevens is the Technology and Coaches In-service Coordinator for the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association, which is the Washington state member of the National Federation (FED). He also serves as Special Assistant to the Director of Baseball Operations for Rules and Officials. You may reach Tim at

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Place of Birth

Renton, WA


Wife Denise, Daughters Kiera (7) and Taryn (4)


B.S. – University of Oregon, 1982; M.S. – University of Massachusetts, 1984

Officiating Experience

26 Years baseball umpire, 16 NCAA Division 1, 1 season NAPBL

Officiating Highlight

1990 Goodwill Games, 1991 NAIA World Series

1993 Alaska Central League

NBC World Series (1988, 1991, 1994)


Computer programming, volkssporting


PAC-10 Football Official Paul Kamanski taught me this well: “Don’t worry about how fast you move up the ladder. Concentrate instead on making yourself the best official you can be and your progression will come naturally. The only worse than someone moving up too slowly is someone moving up too quickly.”

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